Our Team
AAPS leadership team comprises of extremely professional and experienced academicians who have been in the field of education for decades. The leadership structure in school is composed of the principal, head of school academics, manager administration, student coordinator, and head of departments of various subjects. Administrative leaders also lead different sections including kindergarten, heads of boys, girls and elementary.
Head of academics assigns workloads that allow all teachers to be effective in carrying out their responsibilities. HODs in all subjects provide extensive guidance and support in their special subjects. They coach and work closely with their staff; and also provide them regular professional development.
Data analysis is carried out regularly by the Assessment Coordinator and all other leaders to identify trends, patterns of attainment and individual progress, as well as areas of concern. Comparisons between groups of students are undertaken and the resulting information is routinely shared among teachers so that they can evaluate their own performance and decide how to refocus their teaching.
Team AAPS shares a common positive attitude of care and concern for student learning.
These are dynamic leaders who don’t just “Dare to Dream”, but also share the potentials to conquer the insurmountable.