Students in High School
  • Identify a career or career field in which you would like to work.
  • Discover the skills needed for the chosen career.
  • Get as much education and experience related to the career interests as possible, while still in high school.

The curriculum at the Ajman American Private School comprises of a required program of studies that prepares students for global college entrance. Electives are designed to enhance our program and to allow students the flexibility to discover and nurture their abilities and interests.

  • Electives give students avenues of choice; it means you choose the path you want to take to graduate.
  • They also function as vehicles for core content standards.
  • Having elective courses on your transcript may make you more eligible for good universities – it suggests a more well-rounded educational background.

For the next academic year, we will have a variety of Electives Course to choose from. You can refer to the grade specific subject chart to select the elective you wish to study in the coming year.
Please prudently select the courses after discussion with your family, guides and school counselor.

Grade 9 [Freshman]

Grade 10 [Sophomore]

Grade 11 [Junior]

Grade 12 [Senior]

Integrated Physical Science
Design Technology
Pre AP Chemistry
Business Introduction
Biology - 1
Programming 1 [Data Sci]
AP - Chemistry, Programming 2 [AI]
Business Studies
Pre-AP Biology
AP Biology
AP Physics C [Mechanics]