The Elementary School at the Ajman American Private School seeks to nurture and develop students from diverse backgrounds and experiences who will make a difference in their communities. AAPS values the home-school partnership with parents, and the warm and caring atmosphere in which students collaborate constructively, think creatively, reason critically, and communicate effectively.

AAPS elementary curriculum promotes active learning and foster creativity and self-esteem in an atmosphere which encourages students to acquire the skills and knowledge essential for continued school success and life-long learning.

AAPS elementary school community collectively support students learning by providing:

  • A safe, secure and healthy learning environment
  • Innovative use of technology to support curriculum, instruction and assessment
  • Rigorous and developmentally responsive curriculum, instruction and assessment
  • Personalized learning path for learners
  • Strong links among family, school and community

The Elementary School curriculum is aligned with Common Core State Standards and follows a Standards Based grading scale. The program includes core subjects taught in a homeroom class environment along with encore (specialists) classes which include art, Quran and physical education.

The core subjects include: English, science, math, Islamic and Arabic. California State Academic Standards are followed for Art, PE, and Humanities. French also is taught as an additional world language in this phase.

Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum and supported by technology coaches. The technology coaches help to develop learning opportunities for students using technology as well as how to become responsible digital citizens.