Technology-enhanced Contactless survey

Amidst today’s technology-driven and pandemic-prone environment, the need for a contactless experience is in huge demand. The advent of contactless technology is accompanied by a better and improved customer experience, leading consumers to embrace this technology more frequently.

Contactless survey solutions for feedback

Personalized Survey

A direct personal link allows for an honest and pure survey to be taken. These links are only accessible to specific recipients, and each one may only be used once. So, it provides an opportunity for the customer to give honest, straightforward feedback.

QR Codes

QR codes provide companies with a means of offering contactless customer surveys and allowing customers to provide feedback contactless for improvement of the services, allowing them to reach their target audiences more effectively and increase survey participation.

Anonymous Surveys

Surveys that don’t request personal information have been observed to be more effective. Customers are more likely to take Anonymous Surveys and submit honest and open feedback as they are intended for people who generally avoid taking surveys that gather personal information about them like their name or age.

Social Media

Sending out surveys on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter prove to be the most influential ways for companies to reach a wider audience and ensure heightened visibility for their product or service. Both factors increase the likelihood that more people will take the survey.

E-mail Surveys

The global crisis has contributed to the growing importance of emailing to our daily work schedules. Furthermore, it facilitates the collection of customer feedback through contactless surveys and provides insight into customer opinions by enabling them to be sent via mail.

Text Surveys

SMS surveys can be a great way to get customers’ opinions on products and services since they are contactless and can be sent without an internet connection. The process is as simple as creating a simple and easy-to-take one-click survey and sending it to each customer via text message.

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Relevance of contact-free surveys

By introducing touchless technology, software enthusiasts have introduced a new way of conducting surveys. Contactless surveys are possible in most industries with this approach.

Various questionnaire types, including audio and video responses, can be incorporated into surveys, which will allow customers to respond by using their mobile devices, which are geared to generate actionable insights.

Contactless Surveys can be used by a variety of industries as a smart and efficient way to attain feedback from customers.